Available Monday 6th September to Thursday 30th September
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Cascina Carlot Nebbiolo "VIU" 750ml

Cascina Carlot Nebbiolo "VIU" 750ml

  • Intense ruby red coloured organic wine with violet reflexes. Delicate at the nose, with hints of violet and a pleasently spicy background. Massive red fruit and red berries on the palate, think cherry, and a delicate bitter licorice finish. On the palate it is dry with the tannins being powerful but soft due to the juiciness of the wine. Well balanced wine because you do not feel strong acidity, it is hidden behind the fruity flavours. 

    Serving temperature 17 - 18 °C.  Uncork an hour before serving, let it aerate and express the full profile. Ideal with meat, game and mature cheese - something that won't distract you from this great wine.